This was a jummah lecture about “Jummah- Rulings and Etiquettes”
By the esteemed Sheikh Mumtaz ul Haq [db]

Contents of the lecture
-Significance of the day of Jumu’ah. 
-What are the deterrents for missing Jumu’ah prayer.
-What to read excessively on the day of Jumu’ah
-Why 2 azaans are done for Jumu’ah prayer. 
-language of the Jumu’ah khutbah
and much more…

2512 The Man behind the cross
A lecture by Sheikh Mumtaz Ul Haq

Note: The 2512 stands for 25th December, which is associated with the supposed birth of Jesus [pbuh]. 

The Prophet’s right hand man By Sheikh Ahmed Ali Brought to you by the Ink of Scholars.

“How Can We be Pleased in Staying Behind” By the Mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Rubaish (H.A)