Know My Name

I am a book in elegant prints,
To know my name, here are some hints.

Rich in cover and nicely bound,
In hearts of Muslims, I am rarely found.

High on a shelf, I am Kept,
Forgotten there, I am left.

With respect, I do get lots of kiss,
But my main point is what they always miss.

In a melodious voice, they recite me,
Neglecting the message inside me.

At times, I am used for phony swear,
My true use is very very rare.

A miracle I am, that can change the world,
All one has to do is understand my word.

I have wisdom, I have treasure,
So much so there is no measure.

I am your savior, I am your guide,
But who’s there to follow my bide?

Right from wrong is my fame,
Holy Quran is my name.

O My Wounds A poem written by the martyred commander, Shaykh Marwān Hadīd (May Allāh be pleased with him)

O my wounds, O my wounds, O my wounds
You are my pride, you are my light in the morning,
You are my proof for my love for my Lord
And my salvation on the Day of Gathering, you are my success,
After my struggles, after my taking up arms
In you I forget, in you I can rest and find my comfort,
In you is my glad tiding, in you is the Pleasure of my Lord
In you is the proof of the sincerity of my battle,
From ancient times, the plunging of the spear
Into the chests of a people, was a sign of triumph,
All of us hope to receive a fatal injury for Allāh
A gash, to elevate us like floating white feathers,
So we may announce, nay exclaim aloud
“I have triumphed, O my people, with a fatal wound!”
This is a dowry (Mahr) for the Gardens and the Maidens
And the Pleasure of the Most Gracious, this is my victory, my aspiration,
O Pleasure of the Most Gracious, I announce to You that I am departing
Forwarding to the Gardens, Castles, and Success,
So accept Yā Ilāhī (O Allāh) from a martyr
Who battled against the infidels in all the valleys. 

To YOU I pray…

May Allah Be With You, at every step you take,

May Allah guide You, in each decision you make,

May Allah Help You, when life gets rough,

May Allah Bless You, with more than enough,

May Allah Protect you, when you fall,

May Allah Hear You, when you call,

May Allah Soothe Your Heart, when you don’t understand,

May You Always be in Allah’s loving hand.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Usāma bin Muhammad bin `Awad bin Lādin
The black dog came out striding on that solemn night,
Then he announced it and all the believers hearts jumped with fright, 
It sounded farfetched that the Romans had killed our knight,
He trotted with pride almost punching his chest like a baboon screaming, “We have extinguished their light!”

And so he promised his people that he had destroyed the monster,
And no more will their country see any disaster,
And so he forgot that our men do not climb trees to chimp about like hamsters,
Instead our men climb the heavens to shine above the skies like lamp stars!

Sheikh Osama came at a time when from the east to the west the ummah was going through slaughters, 
In Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine all that rained were BM’s Missiles and mortars, 
Our lands had been turned into nothing but dungeons of torture, 
As the infidel soldiers took turns on Muhammad, Ahmed and Abdullah’s daughters! 

The kuffar ravaged and destroyed, laughing, promising to make our lives hell,
So the hypocrites turned to them, their religion, they were ready to sell,
So the Muslims lost all hopes and all faces turned pale,
And so it seemed that a hero emerging and returning glory is nothing but a fairy tale!

The heads that prostrate to the Most Powerful, the Most High, 
Now they were chopped, hopeless, only breathing out a silent sigh,
The Muslims were humiliated and whenever they asked why? 
The black hearted crusader smiled “you follow Muhammad and for that you must die!”

The pain, the grief, the tears, the despair we couldn’t take it no more,
The crusaders were charging together, ferociously from every side as one wild boar,
So the Muslims made dua to their lord with sincerity deep from their core,
“Oh Allah our Lord raise us a hero from the ashes of the fierce war”

So Allah brought sheikh Osama to act like as a lighthouse in this dark sea,
To show them the door of honor and that the Muslims did in fact have the key, 
“Al-jihad Al-jihad is the key” he said, can’t you all see?
So the Muslims tasted the honor and truly it was sweeter than the honey of the bee!

So a handful of Muslims joined the caravan to drive on that road of izza, on the glory lane,
After having tried all paths, never finding an end to the ummah’s pain, 
So the kuffar saw the danger and paid the evil scholars who shouted “don’t follow them, they are insane”
“They don’t know what they are doing” they said “there is nothing they shall gain!”

The hypocrites chose to ally with the infidels and be on shaitans side,
Instead of the Lord of the sacred house, they chose the Lord of the white house as their guide,
And instead of the Quran and Sunnah, they promised that to the UN charter, they shall abide,
Amazingly they did all this under beards and scholarly words, they chose to hide!

But they forgot that this is Islam the truth among all other false religions,
And that however sweet their words, to the mujahideen, they were just a bunch of noisy pigeons,
And so the youth flocked to Al-farooq camp, from every land, from every region,
They trained hard and under the Taliban’s protection, the worked to form the Quran’s legion, 

So the sheikh sent the heroes, and on Sep 11th, on that glorious day!
When Atta plunged the plane into their pride, shouting “Allah Akbar this is the prophet’s way!” 
The way of the glory makers, who plunge into the enemy, looking for death, looking to slay,
They brought back the memories of Bara bin Malik, truly this is the only way to keep them at bay!

So America got angry and flexed its muscles and put on its war attire, 
And they called on every kafir and munafiq, and all of them united under bush the liar, 
They boarded their Abrahams, F-16’s, and B52’s promising to set Afghanistan on fire,
They forgot that this is the land of defiance, the grave of every empire!

Drunk with pride they invaded Iraq, but as soon as they set their foot on that land,
Allah brought Al-Zarqawi and with simple bombs, he ensured all their tanks were burned,
And that no crusader pig walked except down he was gunned and his body on the bridge hanged,
And with the SAM 7’s all their planes in the air were literally “sammed!” 

The ummah learned that without blood, no shame will be wiped off its face,
Indeed it was a war between falsehood and truth, iman and kufr, that was the only case,
So the martyrdom seekers with cars and belts, got into the martyrdom race,
The crusaders had to run; they couldn’t keep up with this pace!

This people love death, and they would do anything to live, they had met their doom,
The martyrdom seeker drowns into their ranks, detonating the belt of honor,” Allah Akbar” boom!!!,
To our Lord the One and Only to His jannah where flowers are abloom,
Where the houri is waiting, lying on the bed impatiently, in that jewel made room!

The myth of their power was destroyed, their economy tumbled,
They placed the “house-slave” as their leader; the pigs were completely humbled,
He came to erect an already falling nation, its false idolic pride crumbled,
He claimed change; he made speeches with clear hypocrisy he fumbled!

But whatever he said, he knew it was over, he had messed with Muhammad’s men and they are the best of the best,
They search for glory and until we pray in aqsa we shall never rest,
To death, they hurry as fast as they can with all haste,
To the spacious gardens, to forgiveness, to be honored as their Lords Guest!

From Somalia, Yemen, caucus, khurasan, Iraq. All eyes on al-aqsa they were set,
And just as they had soaked our lands with blood, so shall we get their lands with their bloods wet,
No mercy, we shall slaughter them till Palestine shall we get,
It’s getting nearer, when we shall pray in al-quds; oh it shall be a historical date!

In the midst of these victories we had Osama the lion was slain,
And so every kaffir in every desert, every valley, every plain,
Screamed with joy that Osama was gone, that Osama who brought them so much pain,
Oh what an honor, you were like an ulcer in their stomach,a tumor in every infidel’s brain!

But woe to them! By his martyrdom, they have erected a beacon of inspiration,
To boil the blood of chivalry, manhood and heroism in every coming generation,
To bring about sacrifice and championship that would shake every tyrant’s nation,
To terrorize the enemies of Allah, making them live in fear and tension!

This fight will not stop, till the flag of Islam is raised,
And all other false flags will be crashed and razed, 
Though we are strangers and many with our fewness are amazed,
We shall not stop till the khilafa is established, and in al-Aqsa shall we be based!


While bombs drop everywhere …
I wonder how many of us really care …
for them muslim blood runs cheaper than beer …
… all thanks to interfaith atmosphere …

They do not understand and think there are other ways …
as if this religion was left as puzzle and maze…
their lips say religion is complete…
but with new ways they still want to proceed…

In the middle of the night …
with tears in my eyes …
while sitting alone …
I think of righteous’s plight …

Those who went away…
after a short stay…
their determination amazes me…
as much as condition of my Ummah dazes me …

They were accused…by deluded and confused…
they were blamed …by their own people with no shame …
but they were content with the promise of Allah…
that paradise awaits those who do not fear pain…
and all their sufferings will not go in vein…

With tears in eyes and forehead on ground…
I beg Allah to make my understanding strong…(Ameen)
times are tough and I am very weak…
O Allah make me one of those…
with whom You will speak…

O Allah, guide me as long as I live…
and keep me firm while I leave…
raise me up… clothed in Your mercy…
you know my heart blissfully awaits to meet one true Almighty…

For that big day…
Bless me with that trait…
that will make You speak to me in private…
and count me among those who will not fear even for a while …
as there are surely some who will bring on Your Face a smile …


I’m not going to change my self for you, because just like me you were created too.
No-one is perfect, we all make errors we learn from them and move on.
Accept me for who I am and not for who you want me to be.
Because this is me, the way GOD created me.
Just like he created you.
You’re not superior than GOD, so why should I change my self for you???
GOD made me this way and loves me the way he created me.
AND if I decide to change, I’ll only do it for GOD the all mighty.

So don’t want for me to change, because death is more certain than me changing.

People were created to be loved;
Things were created to be used;
The reason why the world is in chaos, is because things are being loved and people are being used.