Naturei Karta, Good Jews? JAKARTA – Some Muslims think that there are good Jews, usually attributed to the Naturei Karta, a group of anti-Zionist orthodox Jews. The anti-Zionist attitude of Naturei Karta in fact had made members of Naturei Karta shot by Israeli forces. Rizki Ridyasmara, an expert in Zionism, rejected if it is said that there are good Jews, because according to him, there is not much difference between the Zionist Jews and the non-Zionist Jews.

“The Zionist Jews and the non-Zionist Jews are equally hostile to Islam, the Muslims all these while have been fooled,” Rizki told amid the “Unveiling The Misguidance of Shiah” Seminar at Masjid Baitul Karim, Tanah Abang, Jakarta, Sunday (5/2).

The Naturei Karta’s difference with the Zionist Jews, according the Rizki, only lies in the belief in welcoming the arrival of the Messiah into the world, in the framework of leading the Jewish nation, and the establishment of, for the third time, the Temple of Solomon, which had been destroyed twice, by Nebuchadnezzar and the Roman Emperor. However, in the attitude of being anti-Muslims they are just the same.

“If the Zionist Jews believe that before the coming of the Messiah, they must first build the Temple of Solomon, then the Naturei Karta believe that the temple must be established with the Messiah after has come into the world” declares this author of conspiracy book.

What is more, he asked the Muslims to judge things by the Qur’an and Sunnah. Especially in addressing the Jews, because according to him there is no differentiation of the Jews, who are Zionist and who are Non-Zionist.

“Nothing in the Qur’an about good Jews, Wa lan tardha ankal Yahudu walan nasara hatta tattabi’a milatahum. That’s all,” he said citing the Qur’an.

To build the third Temple of Solomon, the Jews need to destroy and tear down Masjid Al-Aqsa and construct the Temple of Solomon on top of its ruins, according to him the Naturei Karta and Zionist Jews, have the same conviction in destroying Al-Aqsa. “They are both using the Talmud, so they are the same in addressing Al-Aqsa,” Rizki exposed.

Touching on the intimacy of the Naturei Karta, the Orthodox Jews who have been warmly welcomed by Ahmadinejad, with Iran, Rizki added that there is bizarreness with the Shiahs of Iran. “According to the words of my friend who have attended university in Tehran, there is no Sunni masjid there, but there are 40 Synagogues in Teheran,” he concluded.

Reasons Why The Muslims Of Pattani Rise Up Against Siam (Thailand) 1- Why do the people of Pattani rise up to fight against Siam (Kingdom of Thailand)? It’s because of the demands of human instinct to do so, for the arrival of Siam to Pattani is Haram (illegitimate), 

Because the State of Siam was based on regional EXPANSION, or the love of regional expansion; due to that in 1786 AD Siam carried out actions of intrusion against the State of Pattani. And then Pattani fell into the hand of Siam, since that defeat Pattani has been colonized, oppressed, the human rights seized, the people ill-treated, enslaved, burned alive, submerged under water, buried alive, captured as prisoner of wars, becoming forced labours and slaves, imprisoned and banished.

2- The Basis of The Pattani Independence Movement 

: Pattani Daral Harbi : for being invaded by the kafir Siamese, war in the country of Daral Harbi is fardhu ‘ain, this has been agreed by the entire ulama’s of Islam, the 4 Madzhabs say that: "Jihad for independence is fardu ‘ain for all of men and women when the country is intuded, invaded, oppressed and ill-treated." 

: The UN Charter has set that for every colonized nations, it has the rights to determine its own destiny, as well as improve the recognition of the human rights and foundation of freedom for everyone, thus the national independence movement was born all over the world, in Asia, in Africa and Latin America .

: Based on the above subjects, the Muslims of Pattani rise up to perform the obligation of liberating the occupied motherland and the oppressed society from the accursed colonizers, hence the Pattani independence movement is a movement that is made fardhu (obligated) to all Muslim Malays of Pattani.

: If there is anyone from among the Muslim Malays of Pattani who conspires and supports the invader nation of Siam, as well as giving recognition to the king of Siam and his queen as a father and mother and can afford to sincerely claim that he is Thai, of Thai descent and Thai in nationality, then this person is RADDAH (murtad), rebellious to the religion, nation and homeland.

3– The Ruling of Jihad according to Islamic Shari’ah : 

: In the war between the Daral Islam State and the Daral Kuffar State, so all the wills of Abu Bakar al-siddiq to Commander Usamah and his forces apply; i.e. his order to not kill children, old people, the females, monks, to not cut down crop trees, burn houses, kill livestocks, torture prisoners of war and mutilate corpses.

4– The Perspective of the World On The Pattani Independence Movement

: The Siamese intruded, invaded, oppressed, murdered, burned alive and buried alive, as well as submerged alive the people of Pattani, banished them far out of the country like animals (all these were done by Pukong Sharot against the people of Bacok and Yingo district, also by Pukong Sampech against the people of Saiburi district) but they are on the right and just side. On the other hand, if the people of Pattani are doing the same thing against those intruder people of Siam, they will always be heralded as terrorists, brutal and cruel, by the reporters and media in general??!

: The Siamese deploy their troops and enough war equipments into the land of Pattani, which aims at fighting the people of Pattani, killing, torturing and capturing and imprisoning them, and they are considered as right and just. But when the people of Pattani conducted reactions and attacks in the land of Siam, they are considered as criminals and terrorists.

: The Siamese have killed a lot of Muslim religious teachers of Pattani and imprisoned them for no crime, and all those are considered as right and just?! But why when the people of Pattani retaliated in almost similar way with the atrocities they have committed, it is always considered as savage, evil and cruel.